Feb 14 2014

Broken Down Jesus Girls

"God, what do you do with the broken down Jesus girls?" 

Speaker and Author, Angela Thomas,  says that's what she cried out to God  after going through a divorce. Today, she shared with us about how she began to fully understand the Father's love for the broken, and poured her heart out to encourage you this Valentine's Day. 

Sweetheart or no sweetheart today, I know you fill find encouragement and strength in this interview.  She shares about how to make Valentine's special with your kids, and how to get through the day if you are heartbroken. If you have a friend who is feeling lonely, please share with them.  

Feb 14 2014

Valentine's Day Song

Valentine or no Valentine, I'd like to remind you about the unfailing love of God.

Here's a special version of "Times" by Tenth Avenue North for Valentine's Day this year: