Aug 14 2012

Unglued: Plastic Versions of Godliness

You have probably heard the saying, “fake it till you make it!”

Worst advice ever!

I will never forget this day when I was sitting in my OB/GYN’s office pregnant with my third child.  I had dressed up for the occasion (as much as you can with maternity clothes), and spent some extra time on my makeup.  He saw right through me. His simple question, “How are you doing sweetie?” made me cry.

I didn’t even have to explain why I was crying (hello hormones), he just said, “In my 30 years of practicing there’s one thing I know for sure about women, the brighter the lipstick, the more they are trying to cover up.”

How did he know?  I had pulled out my Berrylicious gloss especially for that appointment!

In her book, Unglued, Lysa TerKeurst calls it “plastic versions of Godliness.”

She writes:

“That’s what we do when we stuff and pretend everything is okay.  The upside of stuffing is that we have the semblance of peacemakers.  But when we do this at the expense of honesty, we harbor corrosive bitterness that will eventually emerge.  Either it will erode our health and later present itself in a host of emotional and physical anxiety-induced illnesses, or it will accujulate over time and surprise everyone when the peacemaker eventually erupts.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a “plastic version of Godliness.”  I want to be the real thing.  Being honest about my struggles, how I’m getting through, asking for help when we need it.

I think that’s what the world needs to see more about Christians, that we are real, not perfect.

You can find out ways NOT be a plastic version of Godliness, in this cool webcast about her new book.  It’s a women’s conference that you don’t have to leave your home (or book a babysitter for)  love it!

I’m really excited to be a part of the webscast too!

It’s next Thursday, August 23rd.  Check it out and register to win her book, Unglued

BTW:  I’m wearing chapstick today. :)

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Aug 13 2012

Unglued: Your Labels

You’ve probably heard the song,  “You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North.  Love the lyric, “you are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you are more than the problems you create, you’ve been remade” 

Love how that song, completely removes the labels you put on yourself when you look in the mirror.  Maybe you don’t like what you see on the outside, or the inside.

I’m reading this book Unglued by Lysa Terkheurst.  She wrote about how those labels we put on ourselves, can cause us to come unglued.  You can win it today by telling us what makes you come unglued.

She writes, "the labels can imprison us and are hard to escape. I am angry, frustrated, screamer, stuffer, just like my mother, wreck, people pleaser, jerk, insecure, unglued. All lies meant to tear you down.   When you define yourself as these things, your emotions get the best of you. Make you short-tempered and off kilter.”

I started writing in the margins of my book about the labels that I put on myself, that cause me to come unglued.  My labels: Single Mom.  Failure. Abandoned. 

But the only label that matters when you look in the mirror, is that you are a child of God. 

Lysa writes about one of her favorite children's books, Max Lucado’s  “You Are Special.” In it the characters are labeled with dots others have stuck on them. The aha and freeing moment in the story comes when someone tells a character that doesn’t like his dots: 

“They only stick if you let them.”

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