May 23 2012

When Mercy Found Me

You’re may have heard the new song on K-LOVE, “When Mercy Found Me” from The Rhett Walker Band.  

I love that it’s a personal story of when the lead singer, realized he was headed down the wrong in life, and literally,  mercy found him..  It’s about the moment he accepted Jesus.  He didn’t have to get all cleaned up first, or get his life right first, he just accepted the forgiveness.  


I have a friend that once told me that Christianity is like automatically being a member of a special club, you just choose whether or not to exercise your membership.  

Throughout the month of May we’ve been sharing stories of those Mercy Moments, we’ve been calling them a “Blessing in Disguise”.  It’s about a time when you thought life was going down that wrong road and God’s mercy, his unmerited favor, turned things around.  

You can share your story at the right and if I share your story, I’ll send you Laura Story’s CD Blessings and her book “What if Blessings come through Raindrops”.  

Today’s winner is Tanya from Hamlin, NY.  

“When I was 20 I found out I was pregnant.  I was scared I would have to do it all on my own and I was scared because it wasn’t the way things were supposed to happen.  I am a planner, but God’s plan AWLAYS trumps mine.  My boyfriend at the time is now my husband of 10 years, we have been together for 13.  He is the perfect man for me.  We tried for years to have another child to no avail.  It was not God’s plan.  Three years ago, I had a hysterectomy and now am unable to have children.  While all children are blessings, our daughter, is truly a blessing in disguise.”  

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May 22 2012

Joplin: A Year Later

You might hear this saying…it’s in some songs you hear on K-LOVE.

He Turns Beauty of Ashes…

It’s from the bible… “for those who grieve…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. (Isaiah 61:3)

Man I can’t think of a better vision of how that is true today, then Joplin, MO. 

Today is the year anniversary of the devastating tornadoes there.  That destroyed the buildings and homes and schools and hospitals in that town, but not their spirit. 

Saw some before and after pictures of Joplin today.

Whole neighbors wiped out…and now rebuilt, stronger.  Literally beauty out of the ashes.

It’s true he can make you new.  That verse from Isaiah continues and says,

They (those that were grieving) will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.  (Isaiah 61:3)

That is Joplin today.  Made new.

Today’s encouraging word:  Psalm 143:11. 

It’s really a cry out to God…that he will answer

O LORD, revive me. In Your righteousness bring my soul out of trouble.

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