Mar 27 2012

Life is Better as a Duo

When you watch those talent shows like The Voice or American Idol, your heart breaks sometimes for the contestants that think they are so good and come out on stage and you can tell just by looking at them that they are going to embarrass themselves.  

One of those viral videos going around like that today from Britains Got Talent.  It's of a guy and a girl…teenagers…walk up on stage…the guy is well he’s really large…awkward, low self confidence…next to him this beautiful girl…his friend trying to give him the confidence to audition. 

Simon has already judged him and says under his breath “just when you think it can’t get any worse.”


The singing wasn’t my favorite part, it was their friendship. When Simon said to Jonathan, “I like the fact that works as a duo, but I worry Charlotte that you are going to hold him back.”  Jonathan said,  “we came here as a duo, and we will stay as a duo.”

Tell me about a friend in your life that has stood by your side and given you the confidence to keep going.

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Mar 26 2012


You gotta love the underdog.

I don’t follow sports that much, unless there’s a heartwarming story attached to it.

Saw this story on 60 minutes last night about Novak Djokovic:

He’s from Serbia. He was hanging outside one day watching a tennis camp, the teacher handed him a racket, and a few days later that teacher was explaining to his parents that he was a golden child.  He was 5 years old. 

But, this was Serbia.  It’s a place that knows more about war, then Wimbledon.  

But, he dreamed about Wimbledon.  He took a little improvised trophy made of plastic and practiced saying in English  "Hello. My name is Novak Djokovic. And I'm a Wimbledon winner."

Now he really can say that.  When he won it last summer his whole country celebrated a little boy that dared to dream in a place that was full of nightmares.

So, I might start watching Tennis now.  This guy makes it look fun.

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