May 08 2012

Mother's Day

Maybe you’re shopping for just the right cardreading them all in the aisle at the grocery storelove that feeling when you find the PERFECT ONEgetting ready for Mother’s Day this weekend

As a single mom, I admit Mother’s Daykind of feels empty, like a non-event without someone there to celebrate with.  But, my mom is still alive so I still have her to celebrate.  I’d really like to do something special for her.  She’s my rock. 

Love to know maybe what you’re doing for your mom or something you’ve received that you really appreciated and loved. 

I saw this cool thing that Cure International is doing.  Mom's helping other mom's in need. Maybe if your mom has just about everything, you could help another mom in need.  Here's one idea:

Call me 800-900-1300 or let me know on Facebook.

Maybe a gift you’ve always wanted, but never got.

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May 07 2012

The Listerve

If you feel like you have a lot to sayyou like to pass along what you’ve learned about life to othersthis might be your big chance.

There’s this social experiment called The Listserve.  They call it an e-mail lottery.  You’re not going win millions of dollars, but you could win a chance to speak to a million people. 

You have to give them your email address.

One person a day wins a chance to write to this growing list of subscribers.  So, you’ll also get the email of the person that wins that day.  

Kind of cool.  Hoping that people use this for good and not to rant.  You can check it on my Facebook Page.

Wonder what you would say, if you won this so called, “email lottery”.

Without sounding like a Sunday school teacher, or too churchy, I think I would say something simple like:

“Maybe you know some people that believe in God, that don’t act very loving.  I’m sorry. You might think that God is like a judge weighing all the things you do good against the things you do wrong.  Deciding whether or not he’s going to love you or not based on how good you are.  It’s not true.  He is not counting up your sins, He is for you, not against you, He loves you just the way you are.” It’s all because of his this man named Jesus.  Ask someone about him."

First I have to get up the guts to give them my emailpretty protective of thatlast thing I need is more junk mail.

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