Mar 13 2012


Read this thing a friend gave really makes you think...about letting others off the hook…or letting yourself…

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From "Three Free Sins" by Steve Brown

There is a great story about a little boy who killed his grandmother's pet duck. He accidentally hit the duck with a rock from his sling-shot. The boy didn't think anybody saw the "foul" deed, so he buried the duck in the backyard and didn't tell a soul.

Later, the boy found out that his sister had seen it all. And she now had the leverage of his secret and used it. Whenever it was the sister's turn to wash the dishes, take out the garbage, or wash the car, she would whisper in his ear, "remember the duck". And then the little boy would do whatever his sister should have done.

There is always a limit to that sort of thing. Finally he'd had it. The boy went to his grandmother and, with great fear, confessed what he had done. To his surprise, she hugged him and thanked him. She said, "I was standing at the kitchen sink and saw the whole thing. I forgave you then. I was just wondering when you were going to get tired of your sister's blackmail and come to me."

If you're tired of the manipulation of the duck, you're free. God saw you do it, and you're forgiven.  So go out and offend (or maybe bless or love) someone!

I don't know if it resonates with you, but it did for me.  I don't want to be that sister.  I don't want to constantly hold things over people’s head.  It's not fair.  God doesn't do that.

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Mar 12 2012

Actions Speak Louder than Words

You work so hard to pay for the big house, in the right neighborhood with the right schools. 

You save enough to send your kids to college, so they become successful, get a good career, get married, and give you grandkids.

It’s the perfect life.  Maybe your parents did it for you, and you want the same for your family. 

There’s something missing from that though…

Heard a story at church yesterday about a boy who was raised in church from a wealthy family.  He had everything he needed and then some.

He was told about Jesus, but didn't get it…

So one day his upper middle class parents came to him and said,

“Son we’re going to open up our home to the homeless.”

He saw his parents serving.  They did more then tell him about Jesus, they showed him.  He got it. 

We do our children a disservice if we give them a perfect life, in the perfect schools, in the perfect sports, and the perfect friends, and pay for their perfect college, but fail to teach them when they discover that life isn't cry out to Jesus.

How do you let your actions speak louder than your words?

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