Apr 02 2012

Be the Solution

Wonder if you did this too over the weekend.  Imagining what you would do with all that Mega Millions money.

The $640 million jackpot will be split by at least 3 winners.

Even with the split, they won’t ever have to worry about paying their mortgage again.

You might have issues with playing the lottery, I get that.  But, it is interesting to think with that kind of money the difference you could make.  You could pick a cause, and solve it. 

You could bring a village, a country clean water.

You could vaccinate a whole country of children from curable diseases.

I was thinking what cause I would pick.  I think I would buy houses for single moms.  To be their provider. 

Then I had a gut check.  What are you waiting for?  If I can pick a cause that I believe in now, and think oh I’d help that if I hat $640 million. 

Why not just help the cause now, with what I have.  You may not be able to be the whole solution, but you could be part of it.

What cause would you pick?

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Mar 29 2012

Preparing for Easter

As you get ready for this next week…maybe you’re digging out the plastic eggs, stocking up on jelly beans, and peeps, hitting up Costco for dozens of eggs to die.  

Maybe you could think about something in your life that you want to get rid of and…and have a fresh new start from.  Decide to rise out of the ashes of what you’re dealing with and get a fresh new start.;

I love the lyrics from Shawn McDonald’s song, "Rise."  Perfect for Easter.  

Yes I will rise

Out of these ashes rise

From this trouble I have found

And this rubble on the ground

I will rise

Cause He Who is in YOU

Is greater than you will ever be

And You will rise

Because holding on to this junk in your life can eat you up.   I believe strongly in the risen power of Jesus Christ and his ability to transform lives.  Because he’s done it for me.  If you need him to do that for you today, call 800*525*LOVE

So this Easter you can rise.  

Move forward and bring with you the best of what was, and create the best from what is.  

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