Mar 22 2012

Fame or Family

When your purpose is not always popular.  Maybe you’ve faced a tough choice in life. 

Kind of like when a parent leaves their job to stay at home and raise their kids.  There’s not a lot of fame and fortune in that position, but there’s a lot of love.  Saw a story about a young woman who faced a tough choice like that. 

She was the one everyone wanted.  The Number 1 women’s basketball recruit in the country.  So it was no surprise when Ellena Della Donne announced she was going to UCONN, a women’s basketball powerhouse. 

When it was time to start school, she was on campus for just 48 hours.  She left in the middle of the night.  Elena changed schools to the University of Delaware, a no name in women’s basketball.

No one could figure it out why she would do such a thing.  Her new school  was just a 20 minute drive from her family.  She did it because of the unshakable bond between 2 sisters.  Her older sister, Lizzy, was born deaf, blind, and with cerebral palsy.

Elena says her sister, Lizzy, only knows her by her smell and her feel.  Physical contact is the only thing she knows so when Elena left home for college, she lost Lizzy. 

She didn’t play basketball for a year because of this decision.  Now she’s the leading scorer in the nation and led her team to the NCAA tournament.

It's cool that in her choice between family and fame, She chose family, and got fame because of it.

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Mar 22 2012

Abundant Life

Whenever you see a senior individual, still rockin’ it.  I don’t know about you, but I pay attention.  Because, that’s the way I want to be when I grow up.

Saw this thing about active seniors that was inspiring.

One woman just broke the record for being the oldest female to paraglide tandem, at 101.  

Another is competing in a ballroom dance competition and she’s 102. She picked up the hobby 15 years ago.  When she was 87. 

That’s what I want.  I truly think that God doesn’t want you to live life depressed, thinking that your mistakes or what others have done to you limit you.  He wants you to have a full life.  

The bible says…God came so that you can have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance to the full, till it overflows. 

(John 10:10 Amplified)

Still trying to figure out how to do that.  Tell me about how you or someone you know truly lives an abundant life.

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