Feb 10 2012

Ode to the Little Black Dress

You might have that go to outfit that takes you back to a time and place in life.  Maybe it’s a dress or a suit that’s been hanging in your closet for more years that can count that you have an emotional attachment too. 

Honoring that piece today.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to keep up with high fashion like what’s going on during New York Fashion Week.

Ode to the little Black Dress

You take me into another life

A world without responsibilities

A world where I need a little purse with just a credit card and lipstick

A world that is simple, no pressure of high fashion, just a great dress, that I got at a great price

You forgive my imperfections.

You’ve been with me to every party and wedding I’ve been invited to in the past 15 years.

You found me in college

You were with me on bad dates and good dates, marriage, and now only God knows what's next.

You’ve hung in more closets than I can count.  

My first apartment, My first house.

You haven’t always fit.

The years of having babies separated us for a while,

But you’re back. 

You and me, we’re good together.

I look forward to taking you out again soon…

...what piece of clothing do you have an emotional attachment to and why?

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Feb 09 2012

To Believe in and Protect

Take Valentine’s Day beyond flowers and chocolate this year…

Had one of those AHA moments today…Heard from Shawn, who clued women in on what a man wants from his woman for Valentine’s Day.

 Man’s Valentine Request: 

“Tell us you believe in us. Guys will swim through shark infested waters to bring you iced tea, if they know you believe in them and have their back."

Than, Holly chimed in with what a woman wants from a man on Valentines Day.

Woman’s Valentine Request:

Women want to know that are men love us, cherish us, and will be there to protect us.  That you’re always going to be there. 

So maybe this year you can go the old fashioned route and make your own Valentine with a love letter.  Tell you man that you believe in him, tell him what you appreciate and respect about him. 

Men, find a way to write out the reasons why you cherish your woman.  What you love about her, and your plans to always stand by her side. 

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