Mar 07 2012

Rescue and Restore

Think back to when you were 16 years old.  Your biggest concern may have been, passing the driving test, or getting the right brand of jeans to look like everyone else. 

When Natalia was 16, she was robbed of her freedom.   Her mother left her when she was 8.  Her Dad was an alcoholic and left her to fend for herself.  She tried to maintain her grades while living in an abandoned home, but couldn’t make it. 

So a teacher convinced Natalia that she could have a better life in another country, only that better life turned out to be a sham.  She was forced into slavery at a hotel in Turkey.  She lived in that nightmare for over a year until she was rescued and started a restoration program.

Natalia’s story has a happy ending because of a group called, Abolition International.  It’s a group that K-LOVE Artist, Natalie Grant, is very involved in. 

Natalie Grant went on a trip to Mumbai, walked through the red light district, and saw little tiny children for sale on the street and began to learn about the modern day horrors of human trafficking.

“I knew I’d be wrecked for life after that trip, but I also knew that I could not stand by and do nothing.  I had to do something” she said.  So she started an organization to help rescue and restore these young girls.  It’s turned into Abolition International. 

God promises that He is our rescuer and restorer. His promise is he doesn't give us troubles, doesn't leave us in "the valley of the shadow of death" (Psalm 23:4), but he walks us through it.  And when we get on the other side, he restores us better than we were before.  You can be the hands and feet of God rescuing and restoring these young women when you get involved with Abolition International.  

You can help rescue and restore thousands of young girls like Natalia by giving, joining them on the front lines, getting your church to talk about it, and even shopping for handmade items by survivors.

You can read more about it Abolition International, it’s the featured cause.

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Mar 06 2012

A Mother's Sacrifice

You would do anything to protect the ones you love.  Even sacrificing your own life.

Story out today about what a mom in Indiana did to protect her kids when one of those tornadoes hit their home last week.  Warning you, it’s really emotional.

Stephanie was home alone with her 8 year old and 5 year old when the storm with 175 mph winds began ripping their home to shreds. 

She knew the only chance they had of surviving was to wrap her kids in a blanket and lay on top of them. 

Everything started hitting her back…furniture, beams, pillars.  She was holding them down and they were screaming. 

She kept telling them, “We’re going to make it.”

When the storm cleared their home was gone, wiped from the foundation with Stephanie and the kids buried in the basement.  The kids were fine, they didn’t even have a scratch.  Stephanie was hurt really bad.

Her 8 year old son, climbed out of the rubble and ran to get help for his mom. 

Her kids saved her life…after she saved theirs.  But there’s a cost.  Stephanie lost both her legs

She said,  "I prayed to have the strength to survive, I wanted these kids to have a mom, I did not what them to grow up without me."

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