Jan 05 2012

"Don't Quit Before Your Miracle"

Maybe you’ve had this experience too…you’ve waited for something…you’ve prayed for something to happen…and it seems like forever…and you feel like giving up…

God’s timing is better than our timing

During the holiday vacation…while my kids have been with their Dad…have a lot of spare time…doing a lot of reading…and saw this amazing story about a mother who was searching for her daughter who she gave up for adoption.

I can’t hardly wait through 2 weeks without my kids…and she’s never seen her daughter since the day she was born.

It was horrible circumstances that surrounded the pregnancy an attack that brought this baby into the world…the mother, Minka, gave her up for adoption, but still felt a connection, and longed to meet her.  Thought about her every year on her birthday, and started praying for a chance to see her. 

Turns out her daughter was looking for her too.

After an extensive search by the daughter, One day the mother, Minka, who was 100 years old, got a phone call and her daughter was on the other line. 

77 years of searching finally brought the two together. 

Never give up....never stop praying.

Mom reunites with biological child 77 years later. USA TODAY


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Jan 04 2012

A Divine Appointment

You know what they say; how there are no coincidences in life, just divine appointments.

You’ve probably seen it too…those tearful goodbyes at airports.  You try not to stare, but you can’t help it.  Someone starts to cry and they’re hugging, before you know it,  the crying spreads…

Saw this yesterday as I headed home from taking a short vacation over the holidays.  It was a mom saying goodbye to her 7 year old daughter…she was putting her on a plane by herself.  I felt for her, because I figured the situation was like a lot of families deal with these days…a divorce…a single parent…with a visitation schedule and it was time for her daughter to go back to her Dad’s.  I know it all too well, my kids have been with their dad for 2 weeks now…it’s hard. 

It made me realize that you have so much power on your child’s emotions…really any one in your life…if we loose it in front of them, they loose it too, if we are strong, they will be too.  It was like a moment I filed in my head to remind me not to cry selfishly while my kids leave to go visit their Dad.

Turns out that little girl was on my plane.  Turns out I sat next to her.  This was not a coincidence, but a divine appointment.  Once I got situated I whispered to her, it’s going to be okay.  I’m a mom, and my kids go to see their Dad too.  The best thing that calmed her down right away, “want to play a game on my iPad?”

She stopped crying before the plane even took off.

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