Nov 09 2011

Keep Asking Questions

Maybe you’ve come to an understanding like this too…it’s okay to ask questions.

For a long time I think I thought it wasn’t okay to doubt things about God, about things in the bible that I don’t understand. 

Then, the other night I was searching for comfort in the quiet…searching for answers on what in the world am I doing raising 3 kids on my own so far away from my family. 

So I picked up my Grandmother’s bible.  It’s tattered and torn, has an old lady cover on it…you know the floral ones with handles…has stuff tucked in everywhere.  It’s one of my prized possessions though. 

I opened up and read her notes alongside the verses.  Some of them said,

“I don’t understand this. Ask the preacher.”

“I’m not sure I agree.” 

“I need to pray about this.”

I realized if the woman whose faith I admired most in my life had times of questioning and doubt than it must be okay for me too.

I’m the first one to admit that I don’t have this figured out.  I don’t know what in the world God is doing with my life right now, except for teaching me how to ask Him for help every day.  Lately I’ve been praying this one prayer from the bible, one that Solomon prayed. 

“God give me an understanding heart…so I can speak to your people well…give me wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong… “ (1 Kings 3:9-11)

Maybe you doubt that this whole God thing is even real. Than ask.  Ask your friends, ask God.   

It’s okay to ask questions…how else are you going to find the answers.

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Nov 09 2011

Big Prayer, Expect Big Answers

You hear all these motivational people gurus to GO BIG…why not say PRAY BIG…you never know what you might get until you ask for it. 

Let me tell you a story:

Some years ago in the town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, there was a young couple who had a son and longed for a daughter to round out their family. Then the wife was told she needed to have a hysterectomy and wouldn’t be able to conceive again. She and her husband put their names on every adoption list they could find but hadn’t gotten any calls. She knew the wait would be long, maybe forever. Still, she prayed and prayed for a little girl. The day came when she checked into the hospital for surgery.

At that very same hospital, a young unmarried flight attendant (no connection to the one I just mentioned, of course) was about to give birth to a baby she planned to give up for adoption. Her doctor had helped line up a loving couple to adopt and raise the baby. Then that wife discovered to her surprise that she was pregnant. "Please let the baby go to another couple," she told her doctor. The ob-gyn consulted the young couple from Broken Arrow. "You mean we could have our new baby now?" they asked. Absolutely, they were told. And wouldn’t you know, that baby turned out to be a girl?  (From Guideposts),1

That baby girl grew up to be actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth.  She said,

"I went into the hospital to have surgery," my mother liked to tell me, "and I came home with you." I marvel at how many people’s prayers were answered: my parents’, the couple who was originally going to adopt the baby, my birth mother’s.

“What’s really important is to make your prayers big, to ask for things that go deep and seem impossible…You might even get more than you ask for."

Tell me a story about what BIG prayers God has answered for you, or share the BIG prayer you would like to be answered.

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