Oct 20 2011

It happens every day

You have a friend, a mother, a sister, a grandmother that has got this news.  “You have breast cancer”.  

Saw this story with Breast Cancer Awareness Month going on about a woman who was going in for fertility treatments when her doctor said, you know maybe would should have an early mammogram. 

They found something.  She’s only 37.   She was going to wait until 40 to get tested.  Now instead of celebrating that great news that she’s going to have a baby she was one of 8 women that got the news that she has breast cancer.

Instead of planning a theme and decorating a nursery in her home she is undergoing surgery this week and will then have 6 weeks of radiation therapy.  

I love her perspective through it all though.  Dealing with infertility (a miscarriage and a failed in vitro attempt) and now breast cancer that puts her dreams on hold. 

She’s doing it all in public.  She’s an E! News anchor, Guiliana Rancic.  She married the guy from the First Apprentice, Bill Rancic

And in the public eye she says, “I still want this baby because this baby has saved my life I truly feel God was looking out after me if I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker."

Got a call from Taryn, a mom that is living with breast cancer gives us some amazing perspective...

BREAST CANCER CALL  breast cancer taryn :27   

Tell me about a "perspective" moment in your life.


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Oct 19 2011

Time To Thrive

Tell me a story about how you have embraced the crazy and moved on from Surviving to Thriving.  Like this one from Andrea: 

“My kids were too quiet at my moms one day. keep in mind my mom is THE biggest neat freak. by the time i got out of the bathroom to check on them, they had gotten into the kitchen cabinet, opened ketchup, squeezed it ALL over themselves, the living room furniture and the cream color carpet. it was extremely frightening at first but before you can even finish getting the sigh of relief out, you begin to panic again as your mind races trying to figure out how to clean it up and WHERE DO YOU BEGIN? you better believe i never thought the day would come that i would find this funny. mom passed away unexpectedly last year at 59. she NEVER knew about the incident. you could say she taught me a thing or 2 about getting impossible stains out of things.”

Maybe you’ve felt that you’re in “Survival Mode."  That your life lately looks like a series of events that you have to “get through” and just survive until you move on to the next event that you have to struggle to get through again. 

I’m sick of that!  I want to move from Surviving to Thriving.  Embrace the Crazy.

It hit me yesterday at Target of all places.  Why does it seem like my lowest moments are at stores?  It’s because I have 3 kids under 5 with me in a giant cart that you can’t turn.

Before we shopped I stopped at the little Target Café to feed the restless natives, 3 timeouts later we’re sitting down eating our food, and this sweet grandmother type lady eating dinner by herself looks at me.    

She smiled and said, “I wish my kids were still that young.”  Made me realize that even though life feels crazy I should embrace the crazy now while I have it, before I’m sitting at a quiet dinner table alone. 

I don’t know about you, but I want to move from Surviving, to Thriving.

Life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through.  

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