Sep 11 2011

Your Own Personal Ground Zero

As I prayed today before going on the air on the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, I have to admit, I had a lot of personal baggage on my mind that I needed to get off. 

I began to pray, "Lord Empty me of me…and fill me with you."

I knew that my problems were not big compared to those that lost loved ones 10 years ago today in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, in a field in Pennsylvania, on a fire truck…and all the troops that have been lost since then.

I don't know about you, but I fight a bit of depression on days like this.  When sad stories are all around you, it starts to sink in and fester, and you can't get away from it. 

Maybe you're in the midst of your own personal Ground Zero.  Feeling like you have been left in the valley of the shadow of death…and you're sitting in a pile of ashes.   Well, here's what I've learned while scratching my way out of that valley.

God's not doing it on purpose.  He's not trying to teach you a lesson.  We live in a world where evil people do evil things…they choose something over God. 

But, you can choose God.  He says he is not counting up your sins, and that someday he will wipe every tear from your eyes.   He promises never to leave you or forsake you, even though you may walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  He grabs ahold of your right hand and gets you out.

All you have to do is decide to hang on. 

It's never too late to begin to become the person that God wants you to become.

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9/12/2011 7:31:32 AM
Tracy United States
Thank you God for this wonderful message sent by your child Amanda! It's just what I needed to hear today.
9/12/2011 8:27:21 AM
Brenda United States
I just love you, Amanda. Even though I am old enough to be your mother, I can relate to everything you say. I think God sent you to KLOVE to minister to many women of all ages. Thank you for being transparent in order to bless me...
9/12/2011 8:47:10 AM
Kim United States
Thank you for this today!  This is a rough time for me and I appreciate being reminded of this today~~
9/12/2011 8:49:58 AM
kelly United States
Just exactly what i needed to hear today. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this helped me today.
9/12/2011 8:50:02 AM
Mechelle Coppock United States
Mechelle Coppock
Dearest Amanda,

I think that most of the time, healthy people tend to minimize the hurts in their life. I think the pit you were thrown in was huge, and to see you smile and hear the love in your voice is a testament to God's healing power and your perseverance. You are amazing!

Love you tons!
9/12/2011 11:14:01 AM
Janae United States
Beautifully said.
9/12/2011 12:40:09 PM
Linda United States
I heard a talking head yesterday say, "...don't forget about the ....people who were saved on 9/11..."  He is right on - we focus too much on our failures and not enough on our successes / blessing that God have given us.  We need to think about our failures, and learn from them, but more on and take that learning opportunity and let God help you build successes.  Jesus SAVES, Linda
9/12/2011 2:14:03 PM
kevin ernest bettencourt United States
kevin ernest bettencourt
well the next day was quiet and i couldnt stay home i had to make sure everyone was ok so i got in my truck and went drove threw town checking on people i didnt no but they the people of this city that i serve if theres a need id stop help and move on i was searching for new faces i pray daily for them .not to boast but i dont miss any thing and so every one was in town was preaty much not around so i just went threw town made eye contact with every one i saw my consern was the surounding mountian range its the viev here .and much like where binlaudin was supost to b so my heart was heavy enough to at least start looking into it watching over every thing in town and makeing sure i was encourageing people to lookout for each other with out them realiseing what i was doing people do strange things when u look over alot of people u see the need they have quicker and its just never turned off in me it people act a certan way when the r sad when they r lieing when they hurt deeply and cover it with what ever they can lord give me the eyes to see the heart and day after day after day geting trial after trial till i was against pure darkness and didnt have the strength to fight any more at least alone prayeres power ful and when some ones covering u in prayer god responds where two theres felow ship
9/13/2011 9:25:05 AM
jessica United States
Amanda How powerful your message for empty me of me and fill me with You. Sometimes we must be reminded to clean out the residual garbage to only make room for more sunshine and peace and I am so blessed Ive been a klove listener for 5 years and am constantly blessed and uplifted and totally in awe with the Master's hand that is at work. Proverbs says a gracious woman retaineth honour and Ive heald this scripture close in the past two years for the happenings in my hand.
How gracious and honorable you are. God Bless and Keep Strong YOU will prevail. There is no winning and losing theres overcoming the trial and seeing what blessed beauty that will be born from the ashes.Smile
9/15/2011 8:13:50 AM
Dawna United States
I really like what you've said today Amanda. God's help doesn't expire at midnight. Don't look to your Fairy God Mother to help you (or to worldly things). Welcome to the KLove family! God Bless You and your family.
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