Sep 28 2011

Smoke Signal

Maybe you understand what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong.  God loves you just the way you are!

Maybe you’ve moved to a new place, started over in life and wonder when is this new place going to feel like home? 

Had that pop into my head this morning as I took my daughter to school early for See You at the Pole.  A day where kids show up early to school to pray together, all student led prayer.  It was an awesome thing to experience with my daughter.

As we turned the corner and saw her school, with about 5 kids and 5 parents around the flagpole, it struck me that everyone there was a stranger.  I think I was more nervous then my daughter.  Just trying to figure out where we fit in.

Because my family just moved we have a new school, new friends, basically a new life.  At that moment I started to miss the familiar.  There is another school outside of DC that I would have known everyone there praying around that flagpole, which made me feel ready for things to feel like home again.

Got a call from a K-Love listener that really encouraged me today.  I hope it encourages you too,   He said, “Sometimes God can’t get you to where he needs you until he moves you from where you are.” 

He reminded me of the story about the guy that was stranded on a deserted island.  One night he prays and thanks God for providing him a shack to sleep in and fruit trees for food.  The next morning he wakes up and everything is on fire and burns down.  He cried out to God saying, “Why did you let this happen?  I was just thanking you for all that I had!”

The next moment a boat pulls up to rescue him and they say, “We would have never found you if it was not for the smoke."

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9/28/2011 12:20:45 PM
Dorothy Folkman United States
Dorothy Folkman
As Christians, we are not called to belong here or to feel like we belong. This world is not our home. We're just passing through.
9/28/2011 1:01:16 PM
Marvin Hall Jr United States
Marvin Hall Jr
Amanda, I am so glad K-Love has added you to their program. I love to hear your comments and ideas, I really enjoy listening to you. I pray God blesses you and your family over and over. Thanx for all you do. Marvin
9/28/2011 4:16:27 PM
Russ Galuski United States
Russ Galuski
Amanda, Its not easy getting out of ones comfort zone and starting over in a new surroundings. Going through the same here, and I am reminded about a few bible verses. Verses that say "Trust God", "Lean not on our own understanding" "God has great plans for us" and All things are possible with God. Thanks for all the great work you do each day. Smile
9/29/2011 8:36:03 AM
Katie United Kingdom
Your post was such an encouragement to me today. Two weeks ago I moved from Phoenix Arizona to Northern Ireland. I am finding myself very much in the same position of looking for the familiar comforts of home. Yet, I am realizing I need to find new comforts. The one that has remained constant though is The Lord. Like you, I'm trusting that my move is because He needs me in a different place than I was. Thankfully the ministry of the station can be heard over here in the wee hills of Ireland through the web. I am contanstantly reminded by Ephesians 3:20, God can do immeasureably more than we can hope and imagine. I pray in your situation, as well as mine and other listeners, God will do immeasureably more than we could imagine. Blessings.
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