Nov 02 2011

Facing Fear with a Little Help

Amanda Carroll "Facing Your Fear" by K-LOVE Radio

“I don’t run for time or place or anything, I just run because I love it, and I’m glad I can share my love of running with Chloe now,” says Sami, a junior at Lexington High School who’s on the junior varsity cross country team. “I love having Chloe. She’s helped me so much.” Now in her fourth year running cross country, Sami won a waiver from the state high school athletic association that allows her to compete with a dog. “There is still a little element of being terrified you’re going to fall flat on your face,” Sami says. “She’s given me a lot more confidence in my running.”

Blind teen keeps on running, thanks to guide dog. TODAY


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11/2/2011 12:10:56 PM
Steve Hackathorn United States
Steve Hackathorn
Hopefully you want to give your son permission to be strong also Smile A lot of forces in our world want him to be weaker than his sisters Frown
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