Nov 05 2011

"RaRa MaMa"

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Maybe you experienced this throughout your day too…it’s full of some people that criticize you and bring you down…point out everything you’re doing wrong. 

I gotta admit it has taken me hours to get over a rough start to my day.  Not bad in the whole scheme of things, but my son literally got sick as I was walking out the door, my nanny had to peel him off of me so I could get to work.  So naturally running late and pulled out a little too quick out of my neighborhood.  I admit it was my fault.

And the driver I somewhat cut off would not let me forget it.  She was gesturing, I won't go into detail cause well you know, and she was driving a minivan too.  I wanted to roll down my window and say "hey, you and me, we are fellow minivan drivers so were on the same team!" 

Why is it that when that happens you always end up going the same route, keep pulling up next to that person pretending like you don’t see them.  She was being kind of a Mully, that’s my term for a mom-bully.

Then, I got this note from Kerri on my Facebook page. she’s the opposite of a Mully.    

She wrote:  “Mom's let us always hold one another UP instead of tearing one another (and one another's kids) down”       

Exactly my point, okay so I think we have a new term, one of those friends that encourages you and makes you feel better even when you mess up.  She’s one of those friends that will show up on the sidelines when you’re doing one of those breast cancer walks or runs.

Let’s call her a "RaRa Mama."   Gotta add that one to the lingo we love blog.  Tell me about a "RaRa Mama" in your life.

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11/5/2011 12:19:46 PM
Jason DeJulia United States
Jason DeJulia
Hi Amanda.  First of all, my family and I love listening to K-LOVE.  We live in Hermitage, PA which is about an hour north of Pittsburgh and listen to 107.1 (whatever station that is).  I was listening this afternoon at about 3:00 pm and heard your story about the rude road-rage mom.  Good story, but you might want to re-think your nick-name.  I don't want to get into the paticulars of why, but lets just say that "Mully" sounds a lot like a similar word that Italians use to describe African Americans in a derrogitory way.  Just giving you the heads up.  Thanks!
11/5/2011 12:20:04 PM
Another Mom United States
Another Mom
Well, you could have rolled your window down and just said, "I'm sorry.  That was my fault and I apologize."  An apology with an explanation is not an apology at all but an excuse for one's own actions.  If you know she was a mom too (must have had a child with her?), then you put her and her child in danger, and you should have shown that grace that humbly says, I am sorry...and nothing else.  Just sayin
11/5/2011 10:47:15 PM
katie United States
Ok so I sent this in a email but then I realized I sent it with out a subject and I being unaware if you were like me where if you recieve an email without the subject and not knowing the sender it get deleted I just figure I repost it here.  

Hey Ms:Amanda I saw your RaRa MaMa blog on klove and could'nt help but comment . Ms:Amanda you are a RaRa MaMa as you call it, you encourage others every single day and inspire them, even for those whom are not mothers out there you encourage them. No matter what Ms: Amanda you are a great mom, So you made a small mistake by mistakenly pulling out to soon, no big deal everyone makes mistakes and really if anyone claims they don't then they arre'nt being honest, I hate that you felt bullied by this mom and that you at times feel tear down because really we need to encourage each other and build each other up and you need that as much as anyone, thing is those moms may want their kids better then your kids but I view you as a great mom because you raise your kids to love god and serve him with all they got and to serve others as well you are raising them with a after his , you are raising them to put god first, you are raising them with the JOY motto ( jesus first, others second,you last). So Yeah that mully kid may have gotten the better grade on something then your childs, yeah they have made the
team and your child did'nt . but you are raising your kid in gods eyes, you are raising them be followers of him and to me thats what counts, to me thats whats is most importent. And in my book you  deserve " The Worlds  Greatest Mom Award" and there needs to be a lot more god seeking,god following, god loving moms like you.  

                                                              Love Katie

11/6/2011 3:43:43 PM
Tanisha United States
Hey Amanda
Yeah we do need more RaRa Moms in this world. Someone who will tell ur the truth but not tear u down while doing it. Someone who will tell u that yes, you many have made a mistake but their is a God out their that loves u and will forgive u if u ask. Then will tell u that we all make mistake and as long as u have learned from it and try to change, so u dont do it again. That is my mother I love her so much and I thank God that he put her in my life. So Im going to tell u what she tells me all the time. Did u do something wrong? Yes, ok did u pray about it and ask God to forgive u? Yes, then why are you dwelling on it? LET IT GO! God calls us to ask each other for forgiveness and then it up to that other person to forgive us and if they are Christians they should forgive.  7x70!
11/7/2011 8:30:35 AM
David P. Bernal United States
David P. Bernal

Thank you for being real...
I appreciate that about you.

Love listening to your show and learning more about you, the kids and insights into "reflecting Christ to others".

May the God of Peace be with you today and always.

In His Grace,

11/7/2011 10:38:16 AM
Fred United States
To Another Mom,

When you are having a tough day, do you make mistakes?  It sounds like Amanda made a mistake so why do you have to be so harsh.
Amanda, I am sure in radio you have learned not to take idiotic comments personally.  You are doing a great job and I love listening to your afternoon show.
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