Dec 09 2011

Toys You Shouldn't Get

You see all these lists this time of year for the best toys to get for your kids…

They always make me laugh…lets make our own list today…the TOYS NOT to get kids.  Join in on my Facebook Page and come back here to tell me what you think…

Let me explain

You know how before you’re a parent you get kids maybe nieces and nephews fun loud obnoxious big toys for Christmas…and then once you become a parent…and you realize what you have done…you’ve just lost a friend.

Toys you shouldn’t get for the kids in your life..

Anything that could be a weapon…because mom’s the target

A giant stuffed animal that you have no where to store

100 piece puzzles…nuff said

The loud rock and roll tickle me elmo

I know when someone doesn’t like me…they get a board game for to play with my small children…

They don’t not only play by the rules, they don’t understand there are rules.

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12/9/2011 8:57:31 AM
AmyRenee United States
Amanda I love this! i have not been blessed with children of my own but I do have 10 nieces and nephews, I like to theme my Christmas presents, 1 year everyone got books, one year everyone gat crafting,...unfortunately last year I did a musical theme, EVERYONE recieved a musical instument, got a roll up piano, a guitar that played music, a glokenspiel, handbells, a microphone, a drumkit, music giftcard for the oldest...BUT, and its a big BUT, My Brothers, and their wives i was kind enough to include earplugs in their gifts. I was at least that thoughtful. Grandma and Grandpa on the other hand were slightly less thrilled
12/9/2011 8:59:05 AM
Amber United States
Follow the age guides on the boxes within a year or two tops. Very often the child's ability use the toy shows little to know reflection on whether or not they can keep track of and take care of it.

No surprise sticky substances. One morning parents wake up to find Johnny's hand glued to his sisters hair because the glue was in the box unbeknownst to you. lol
12/9/2011 9:06:06 AM
Amy Cash United States
Amy Cash
When I was a new mom, and my kids were little, we got them a kitchen set. We spent our entire Christmas Eve putting it together and what time wasn't spent on that was spent doing first aid on my stomach. You had to trim each piece with a pocket knife or it wouldn't fit. They were hard to cut but when they cut it was all at once. My gut looked like swiss cheese for Christmas.
12/9/2011 9:07:44 AM
Brittney United States
*A steel drum

*Toy that requires lots of batteries (and no batteries included)

*Something with tons of parts- and assembly required!
12/9/2011 9:39:18 AM
Teirrah McNair United States
Teirrah McNair
When I was a little girl books were on the top of the list and now that I am grown books are what I recommend. I will never forget that my Godmother would send me a check at Christmas with a note that said 'for books' and then require that I send her the list of books I bought. She lived on the other side of the country so I would go to Woolworths and buy 5 books at 59 cents each and pocket the change. Books should be fun, kid relatable, and should ignite the imagination without giving a kid a nightmare. I highly recommend books from the soul shaping collection found at
Storybook characters like Lucille Nadine Alexander and Martin Tyrone are LOL and leave a an everlasting impression on a kid's heart. I wish these titles were around when I was a kid and I am thankful that my Godmother stirred the love of books in me.
12/9/2011 9:41:42 AM
kelli United States
jewerly making sets with 10,000 beads, seriously?
12/9/2011 10:06:42 AM
Trixie United States
BEADS!  Please please please - do NOT buy craft sets to "Make your own jewelry" and give it to your pre-teen nieces/grand-daughters/classmates, etc.  There have been many perfectly good vacuum cleaners that had to be put down after Christmas because of these things.  (Oh - and make up sets for 8 year olds.  Really??)
12/9/2011 10:30:33 AM
Jerry United States
My kids are older now but some years back, one of them was given a ouija board for a birthday gift. The wrapping never came off it and I threw it in the trash (where it belonged) the next day.
12/9/2011 3:08:49 PM
Robyn Tenney United States
Robyn Tenney
Never give a 3 year old silly putty.  Someone not sure who gave my daughter silly putty when she was 3.  The next morning we found it stuck to everything in her bed.  
There is no way to get that stuff out.  Sheets, blankets, pillow, pajamas, and stuffed animals all ruined.  The part that really made me mad was that she also got to have a haircut, and it was not cute.  Leave that stuff in its cute little egg hanging on the rack at the store.
12/10/2011 12:29:32 AM
Bob United States
Skateboards and scooter things for a kid that can't even ride a bike withought training wheels yet!  Really?  Think people! I do buy my kids loud things like the Elmo and musical instruments, they just stay in their own room with them!  Just don't get them something ridiculous they aren't even big enough for!  And no bikes for a young Kid that has no where to ride on concrete, cause if all they have is a hilly yard guess who gets to push them around on it!  Yes, the parents!  YAY!  
12/10/2011 2:25:23 AM
Sandra United States
The game Hungry Hungry Hippos!  I am not even a parent, but I feel bad for my parents for having to listen to my brother and I play that noisy game when we were little.  We thought it was fun though!  Smile  I actually don't even know if that game is sold anymore.
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