Dec 15 2011

Your Person of the Year

Maybe you saw this too on the news…and at first thought….huh…

They do this every year…maybe you saw it yesterday…Time Magazines 2011 Person of the Year,


“The Protestor’


The front cover is of a nameless, female protester dressed in a traditional head scarf.  It’s supposed to represent both the men and women around the world — and particularly in the Middle East — who risked their lives to bring about transformational change.

Okay…now it makes sense. 

Wondering what your person of the year would be…

For me its friends.

Several friends got me through the hardest year of my life…also the best…it was one of those years that you get to really live how God promises to turn a pile of ashes into beauty. 

They cured loneliness, held my hand…helped me have a yard sale, pack up my possessions, and loaded my moving van up so I could start over, just me and my kids. 

Maybe you have one of those Person of Year’s in your life this year…I’d put friends on the front cover…

Friendship  is a way we can experience God in action.  The bible says “a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin”

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12/15/2011 10:47:25 AM
Sidney Clark United States
Sidney Clark
I have found 2 great friends who have been the biggest help in my hardest year too.  God brings individuals in our lives at right time.  I truly believe that these 2 friendships grew at the right time as I had to begin life on my own without that person I shared my life with for 18 years.  They have helped me deal with the pain of not having my kids with me on daily basis too.

They help me to continue to grow through this once dark moment in my life.  Thank you Amanda for sharing and helping those of us in the similar situations as your own.
12/15/2011 11:09:55 AM
Lisa Mendenhall United States
Lisa Mendenhall
My person of the year is my Pastor. Dennis Stewart, Not only did he (In CHRIST, of course) get healed from cancer, without having to take any treatments, but he never stopped preaching and teaching and studying and doing all a real pastor of God does for His sheep while he walked the process out. A couple of years before he was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant because both kidneys had failed and he was on dialisis very intently to stay alive, he still never quit preaching and studying and doing his duties, even though he would be puking sick most of his day. He believed that God was going to heal him and finally a suddenly happened! he got a call and with in 48 hours had a new kidney. that was a few years back and when the cancer hit, we thought, you have got to be kidding! But GOD is faithful and He walked it out with Pastor Dennis and in less than a year He is now officially documented cancer free and never STOPPED preaching the gospel and doing a pastors job. He has been my inspiration when things have gotten pretty rough in my life...Thank you Pastor for your walking out what Christ said we could do! Not in our strength but in Jesus' but you had to be willing to walk the hard places. You are truly an inspiration to your flock! To God be the Glory!
12/15/2011 6:23:33 PM
DeeDee Bailey United States
DeeDee Bailey
My Person of the Year would be my son Samuel Lloyd Bailey, 14 years old!  During the course of a 3 year illness of his father Sam never doubted God's favor.  Today, in the 11 month since his father died and the Christmas season upon us with a flood of memories and a heavy loneliness, Sam has grown stronger and closer in his relationship with Jesus all the while helping manage the chores, his brother, his sister, his niece and me, his mom.  Sam is steadfast in his faith and pressing in more and more in every positive area of his life.  He is also excelling in school which would make every mother proud.  He brings Jesus into our home with his faithfulness.

Thank you God for gifting Sam to me!
12/16/2011 10:00:16 AM
Debbie Cluckey United States
Debbie Cluckey
It's been a difficult year for me. Finding myself separated and alone, asking why was this happening to me.  I was faithful, I was a good wife...but that doesn't guaranty that things will change....things I cried out to God for but He led me down a different path.  There is one person in my life who walked beside me this entire cousin who is a pastor counseled me, guided me, prayed with and for me, cries with me....but loved me and assured me of God's love for me. He is my hero, my person of the year.
12/16/2011 10:03:16 AM
Anna United States
My person of the year would be my 11 year old daughter, whom has shown me so much and has given the courage and strength to keep going.  She is such an inspiration and a motivation to me.  She's everything I wish I had been and then more.  I was trully blessed with her in my life.
12/16/2011 11:34:26 AM
Coriena Buckaway United States
Coriena Buckaway
My person of the year would be my husband Jonathan who despite having lost his entire colon rectum and part of his backside due to gangrene after his colon burst, and suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome, had an ileostomy often suffered great pain and often did not sleep at night, he never complained. He was always out there serving others. he loved life, lived it to the fullest.  He volunteered for first tee of the triad, was a volunteer police officer in Canada, volunteered as shuttle driver at church, helped a brand new church out by drumming for them. He was a friend to those who treated him shamefully, would get up in the middle of the night to help someone out.  He was the best of friends, the most awesome dad, and the most wonderful, husband lover and friend a girl could ever have.  The Lord welcomed him home October 10, 2011, and said welcome home good and faithful servant.  He really doesn't need earthly acknowledgements I know his reward in heaven is awesome, and God got great glory through his life, that's all that really matters.
12/19/2011 4:05:18 AM
yvonne poitier United States
yvonne poitier
Person Of THE YEAR Award: Malaki Hawkins

My best friend Laki & I met 9 years ago at the school we worked at together. She was my boss. I was her assistant.  She is my adopted/surrogate sister. Her mother passed away 2 years ago as of dec 16th.  She honored her mother & took care of her by paying her bills, cooking, etc   Her mom had a very successful career in her younger years. Her illness was too much for her to bare.  Malaki was a teacher when we met. She worked her way up to a Asst. & now Principal. She is only 38. She has been an administrator for 4 years. Losing her bestfriend in her Mom was traggic.  She
actually found her at home, on the day she passed, already gone to be with Jesus.  She has an amazingly supportive husband who cooks, cleans, & helps her with their two busy busy kids who go to their moms elementary school.  She has a humble heart like her mom who by the way was a crossing guard at the end of her life.  She gives me good sound advise & was my rock through a divorce & custody event where my 2 girls left home at 14 & 17.  Through my devastating loss her & her husband are my 2 best friends that God placed in my life on purpose.  I get back what ive lost
by being there "Super Nanny"!!  Noah & Naya are 9 &
5. They are very bright & intelligent.  We are putting Naya in acting classes this summer.  Last night we were eating dinner, Hale & Laki were talking.  Naya asked for dessert early.  Hale said, "no not right now".  Naya said, " Daddy, im talking to mommy".  We laughed.  She will be handing Angela Bsssett her lifetime achievement award.  This couple met in college 20 years ago.  They've been married almost 13 years.  They graduated from Texas State.  Hale has a successful landscaping company.  They are Godfearing humble.  They can teach about family & marriage.  
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