Dec 28 2011

Step off the Sidelines

Maybe you feel it too…it’s the bridge week between holidays…trying to rest up from one and gear up for another…

Maybe you’ve seen them too all the magazines in the grocery story aisle with the best and worst lists…counting up the tragedies of the year…depressing just standing in line buying milk.

Just wish we could move on…and not focus so much on counting up all the bad things.

Maybe you do this in your own life…I certainly have…obsess over something bad that’s happened and you let it limit you. 

Talked about this yesterday and asked you to share the moments you want to forget of 2011, We were overwhelmed with your responses…

One woman says she wants to get rid of being resentful and angry at her mom for missing out on a relationship with her father

Mattie…wants to leave behind depression, sadness, unhappiness, and loneliness

Jeanne was laid off and wants to forget being laid off, and living with no self worth, depression and feeling like she’s not living up to God’s potential….

Love Mandissa’s song “Waiting for Tomorrow"…a lyric says “God Made you for so much more than sitting on the sidelines.” 

Time to move off the sidelines on to the playing field…stop letting the bad stuff limit you…and live a full life. 

Peace Out 2011…as promised we are now Shredding the bad memories and looking forward to fresh clean slate…only God can make this possible…


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