Jan 02 2012

The Least of These

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Every once in a while…you see one of those stories at the end of the news that leaves you in a pile of tears…the good kind…

Saw one of those last night.

About a little girl, tucked away behind the white walls of an orphanage in the Ukraine.   At 4 years old she was headed to an adult mental institution where she would live out her life with no hope for a family or an education. 

An American mother of 3 young girls saw her picture on a website…and she knew she had to rescue her.  The mom said, we just knew that she was saying…you’re my mom and you’re my dad…come and get me.”

So they did…They traveled 6,000 miles to save her…to give her a real life… one where she could go to school…get a job…to be loved.

After 32 days of living in the Ukraine… The Cox Family  brought little Mia home…introduced her to her 3 sisters, one of which was just like her…she had down syndrome too. 

For more information on how to adopt a child with Down Syndrome click here.

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1/2/2012 8:24:33 AM
Wendy United States
Awesome story! I wish I could afford to take one of the other special little ones! I am raising my 3 yr old grand daughter by myself along working a full time job and going to school part time to hopefully get a better job to support us.. I will praying for these special little people. They shouldn't be in a place such as an institution with adults.. that's just wrong. That family in the video are very blessed and its awesome to see how they have changed  the life of that child. God Bless them and I will pray for the other little ones!
1/2/2012 8:28:36 AM
Jessica United States
Love this!! My husband I feel like the Lord is leading us in the direction of adoption, possibly international adoption. This video is just a little bit more affirmation! Thank you for posting this!
1/2/2012 9:26:42 AM
E United States
I think that is amazing.
I adopted a boy from Africa and send the 35.00 each month.  It's just not enough. I want so badly
to do more for Haiti for Africa.  I'm desparate to
make a mark Jesus's work. I could not have children and think what a mistake not to have adopted when I could have, but my husband at the time abandoned me and alone I couldn't do it devastated as I was at the loss.
This year I chose to "Be" be involved be there
for people. Be there for myself. Thanks.
1/2/2012 12:42:45 PM
Katie United States
Thank you for highlighting this story!  This year in memory of our little girl who was spending her second Christmas with Christ himself we were Christmas Warriors through Reece's Rainbow for a little girl named Rebekah.  We, along with hundreds of others, raised money for her adoption grant, and several other children, to help her future family be able to afford her adoption.  It made me so happy to hear this story touched your heart as much as it has mine!
1/2/2012 8:15:40 PM
Kevin United States
Absolutely amazing! It just washed over me like a flood and the tears started flowing like one! My wife and I have been married for 9 years and we have never been able to conceive a child. However, God blessed us with a little girl named Emily, whom we adopted. I know exactly what that daddy meant when he said "it was just what I needed." Emily was just what we needed and God knew it! Eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a father and to raise my little girl to be a soldier for Christ!
1/5/2012 6:20:42 AM
Tamara Horton United States
Tamara Horton
Reminds me of our TK. She was left int he forest of Russia to die because she is missing her leg but God heard her cry like in Psalm 61:1-5. From hearing about her on the radio one day in November to holding her in our arms in April God did miraculous things to bring her to our home. He even had the policeman name her Tamara (my name). She was headed for the same outcome as the little girl in this story but we serve an amazing God and he blessed our family with her. That was when she was 18 months that we took her into our home. She is now 14. i often think about her birth parents and the suffering that they must endure for the decisions they made. I pray for them.
1/5/2012 9:59:37 AM
Sandi Snead United States
Sandi Snead
Awesome story, Amanda. Thanks so much. Be blessed.
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