Jan 07 2012

Pursuit of Happiness

The U. S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.  -Benjamin Franklin ... 

You’ve heard the saying, money can’t buy happiness.  It’s hard to believe though, a million dollars could buy a lot of things that would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t take away your broken heart.

Saw this thing that struck me, it basically said that money won’t buy you happiness in things, but you can use money to become happy.  If you use it in the right way.

This guy’s ideas were:

Spend it on what YOU like best. 

Don’t buy things to be competitive like to get a nicer car then your neighbor

Focus on Experiences

Buying things like a new expensive pair of jeans can be fun, but soon they wear out.  So instead of the jeans, go on a weekend getaway

Indulge in small pleasures regularly

Instead of saving for one big thing, just indulge in small things.   Forget the new Mac and go out to the movies more.

The only way you could use money to feel happier that would create a physical change in your brain was to:  GIVE IT AWAY. 

The guys in the white lab coats found that people who spend money on others are happier than those who only spend money on themselves. 

So Giving to charity, helping friends and family, actually triggers activity in your brain that is associated with receiving rewards. 

So you can use your money for good, and enjoy a little more happiness in your life…just spend it on others!

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1/7/2012 9:22:34 AM
Greg McPherson United States
Greg McPherson
After reading thru your Pursuit of Happiness post, I had to comment. You have hit the head on the nail on so many levels. In a day when most people are running scared due to the failing economy thier reaction is to tighten belts and purse strings and I believe this is exactly what we should NOT be doing. As Christians we should be trusting in the Lord to provide for not only ourselves but our families and friends and neighbors as well. And by giving from our inner most core we can all provide for each other. It might not always be money that someone you know needs. It might be just a helping hand to an eldery neighbor by changing some burnt out light bulbs or covering the AC unit or putting the patio chairs away. It might be a single mom or dad in your neighborhood that could use a few minutes to themselves to just recharge. The opportunities to help each other by giving not only of our money but of our time and talents is endless. Just look and you shall find.
1/9/2012 9:09:43 AM
John the Servant United States
John the Servant
The best way to I have Personally found happiness; or the Pursuit there of is doing what my Lord and Savior askes of me in everyday things. it might be hard to find the little bit of courage to do it, but i find it worth it. LOVE is all we need to remember and that if we are to be like Christ we need to LOVE others. GOD BLESS ALL.
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