Jan 28 2012

The Way You Were Made

You are not a mistake.  There’s nothing wrong with you, even if you are different.   Just like each of us has a different fingerprint, we all have a different lot in life, and a different skill set, some people call it purpose. 

Sue Kent was born a little different than you…but it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.  She became a mother, and wanted to pursue a career in massage therapy.  Also had dream was to be part of the Paralympic games.

Sue is 49 years old…she is really talented at massage therapy…she does it different than others…she does it with her feet. 

And because of that she was just named as the official masseuse for the British team as they prepare and compete in the 2012 Paralympic  Games.

Why Paralympic games?  Why a masseuse using her feet? Well you see Sue was born, without arms. 

She didn’t let the way she was made stop her from pursuing her dreams, and you don’t have to either.

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1/29/2012 5:35:59 AM
AnnMarie United States
Thanks for sharing this great story.  And Congrats to Sue for getting this job with the British Para-Olympic Team.  What an honor!  However, as a massage therapist myself, I am not sure calling Sue a masseuse is the correct term.  I was told as a student 19 years ago, that if we are therapists, we need to correct people if they use this incorrect term.  You see, a masseuse is also an escourt/lady of the night or prostitute.  These women DO NOT do what I do in my treatment room!  Many have NEVER gone to school to learn massage therapy, but they promote themselves as a masseuse!  I personally do not want to be associated with them.  Just wanted you all at KLOVE to know.  Thanks for reading.  
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