Feb 02 2012

Save the Children for Valentine's Day

You might love it…you might hate it…depends on your relationship status…I guess.

Valentine’s Day coming up.  I admit, I love it.  Not for the guy/girl relationship stuff, but because it's an opportunity to show others love. Not necessarily the romantic kind of love, but the unconditional love of God. Just by random acts of kindness.  A card.  A note.  Flowers. Make someone smile.    

I'd love to know your ideas on how you show God's love on Valentine's Day.  

Here's one I found.  If your kids need to buy Valentine's for their class at school, check these out from Save the children.  Proceeds help children in the US living in poverty with health and reading programs in poor neighborhoods and schools.  

Save the Children Valentine's Day

Instead of dreading the day or complaining about it, change it…use it as a day to show others God’s love.

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2/2/2012 8:50:51 AM
Tara United States
We don't have much money, but I'm blessed by a husband that make is spectacular for only a few dollars...


2/2/2012 9:00:42 AM
Jennie Verdugo United States
Jennie Verdugo
I'm a scrapbooker so I like to make most things I give people. Every year for my daughters' class we make our own valentine cards. Nothing fancy just some cute paper with a verse on God's love. This year my daughter helped me pick out 7 different verses to put on their cards. Such a blessing Smile
2/2/2012 9:18:54 AM
Kent United States
When I was in college and came upon a Valentine's Day where I wasn't dating anyone, I went in with a friend and we bought two dozen carnations.

We looked up all of our female friend's schedules and interrupted their classes to give them each a carnation.  Since we did it together, it came across as friendly and they appreciated being remembered.

On the other hand, I don't think it's wrong for Christian couples to celebrate the romantic Valentine's day either.

There are several days/Sundays a year that are difficult for some in the church and the world: Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day being the biggest one for singles and either people who couldn't have kids or who have lost their parent or parents.

Your in my prayers on a regular basis, Amanda.  Keep the faith.
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