Feb 07 2012

Special Guest Co-Host

Get the inside scoop on her song "Free,"

Ten listeners won an autographed CD from Dara Maclean by watching the video and telling us on Twitter what dance she was doing.

Follow us on Twitter @KLOVERadio, @KLOVEAmanda and @DaraMaclean.

Dara Maclean was my special guest Co-Host today!

Listen below to learn more about Dara, leave your comments, thoughts and questions for Dara below or on my Facebook page.

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2/7/2012 2:03:03 PM
Hope United States
aw i missed it Frown i wuz @ school
2/7/2012 5:32:59 PM
Deborah Currqan United States
Deborah Currqan
great song
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