Feb 18 2012

Making a difference in your every day life.

Making a difference in your every day life.

You gotta love a good old fashioned potluck.  You don’t see those as much anymore. 

Growing up I remember my Grandmother making casseroles and brownies just about every Sunday for a potluck dinner at church. 

That must have been why every Pyrex dish of hers and a label with her name on it.

Saw where this group of women is bringing the potluck back in style.  They are using it to make a difference. 

It’s called Dining for Women. http://diningforwomen.org/

Instead of spending a bunch of money on going out to eat, they get together for a potluck, and donate what money they would have give to the restaurant to charity.

They pick charities that helps women and girls…they say because they say out of all the  billion people that live in poverty around the world…7 out of 10 of them are women or girls.

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2/18/2012 11:40:50 AM
maggie murphy United States
maggie murphy
Yes, this is a great way to donate.

To enhance the old fashion potluck; try having a "progressive dinner" if your not familar with the term it is where each "course" is served at different  paticipant's homes starting with appetizer's and progressing thru as many courses desired.  
2/20/2012 9:00:09 AM
Elisama Brazil
It's very interesting and touching. Smile
God bless them!
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