Feb 23 2012

Tell Your Story

It’s the Super Bowl of award shows and fashion coming up this weekend.  The Oscar’s are on Sunday.  

Maybe you’re getting together to watch it with some friends.  I’ve noticed on years that I have an Oscar Party, it’s more about the conversation that goes on during the show, than the show itself. 

Inevitably the conversation turns from whose dress we like best to the stress we’re dealing with and how we can help each other through it.  Kind of like the movies.  We love the dramas that unfold, and relate to the characters.  So, why not share your own dramas and allow people to relate to you?

One of the actresses that’s up for Best Actress, Viola Davis, from “The Help” put it best when she received an NAACP award recently.  She said,

“Man gives awards, but God gives rewards. If you are breathing, if you are living, you
have a story to tell.”

Some stories make the big screen.  Some stories just get told in your living room with friends.  Both make a difference.  Be real.  Be Honest.  Tell your story. 

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2/25/2012 8:02:14 AM
Hope United States
K-LOVE you guys are awesome! You guy have brought me closer to CHRIST and now I am Doing my profession of faith to do communion. thx!
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