Mar 01 2012

The Moment

Can you remember the Moment you knew that this whole God thing was real? It's a moment that usually starts with a cry out to Jesus for help.

It’s like the tingle up your spine when you find your having your first child.  You know something big is feel this great unconditional love for someone you’ve never seen…and as time comes and the baby grows…so do you…

For me I was 9 years old…and I knew that I needed parents were getting divorced.  It’s a very similar story to an artist we are playing, Britt Nicole.

When Britt found out her parents were getting divorced, she ran to her room, grabbed her Precious Moment’s bible and began reading it.  She said, for the first time at that moment.  She knew that God was there.  The lyrics in her song say

You were there

You were always there

It was You and I

You’ve been walking with me all this time.  

What was your moment?

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3/1/2012 11:22:38 AM
cassie United States
what song is this???
3/1/2012 11:26:27 AM
Nicole United States
I have grown up knowing the Lord but the moment I felt a cry for him and felt him fill me with his AMAZING LOVE AND GRACE was when I was 16 years old at Sierra Bible Camp in California.  We were on a hike to the lake and our counselor had us write something we wanted to give to God on a piece of paper, then we put it in a balloon and filled it with helium and let it go!  We LET GO AND LET GOD!  From that moment I felt God literally hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay.  I cry now just thinking about it!  I have felt him that close ever since!  He has been my rock through some pretty tough times and I would not be here without his love and grace!  Thank you Lord for loving me that MUCH!
3/2/2012 10:39:04 AM
Misty United States
My "moment" was when I realized that my life had just changed.  I was in jail.  I lost my home, my job, my car, and my son. I was arrested for charges that were later dropped because my accuser just wanted to  "make a point" It was day 2 of 9 in jail that I realized this was a God-thing.  This was a controlled-burn, a Hebrews 12 experience.  God had bigger and better plans for me than I was willing to acknowledge and he simply refused to let me destroy my life.  I also learned that I was pregnant and the male that was part responsible simply walked away, no, he ran.  I made several appointments to terminate the pregnancy, but I couldn't follow through.  I'd done that before and I just couldn't do it again.  God brought me a great family that had just lost a baby and couldn't have any more.  I remember about two weeks before meeting them, I had written in my journal that this experience was nigger than me and that while this baby is not an answer to my prayers, he/she was an answer to someone's.  Bryce will be a year on the 18th and he looks just like me.  His parents are so happy and I am healing.

I can honestly say that the past two years have been more difficult than anything I have ever gone through in my life.  I can also say that I believe it was necessary for my personal growth and development and for the growth of those around me.  I am a better mom, a better person, a better friend, a better employee, a better daughter, sister...woman.  Everything in my life is so much better.  I still don't have my son back yet, but everything I do is for him and for our family to be reunited permanently and without interruption and I believe that will happen soon.  
3/3/2012 12:16:47 PM
kelley United States
My "moment" was this past August when God put a person on my path and I listened to her tell me how she leans on God when things are rough. I was having serious problems at work and met this person through the work I do. I told her I had thought I had a personal relationship with God in the past but didn't think God was listening or that he hated me. I felt as if God had left me like my ex husband had done. I had been angry with God; I had lost my marriage, a child, and was alone raising 4 children.  I realized by talking to the person I had met in August; that God has been listening to me, and has been there for me. I had closed my ears and eyes for the past 11 years. I am 47 yrs old and feel like a child discovering new things, my ears and eyes are open and I see God's blessings daily. I have 2 wonderful friends in my life now. The person who led me back to God has taught me what trust and support is all about.    
3/10/2012 10:08:55 AM
Violet Travilla United States
Violet Travilla
I was 5 yrs. old, with my father deployed overseas, I was terrified! Then Jesus called me and I responded. My life was changed that day. I LOVE the way Brittney puts it in her song!Smile
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