Mar 26 2012


You gotta love the underdog.

I don’t follow sports that much, unless there’s a heartwarming story attached to it.

Saw this story on 60 minutes last night about Novak Djokovic:

He’s from Serbia. He was hanging outside one day watching a tennis camp, the teacher handed him a racket, and a few days later that teacher was explaining to his parents that he was a golden child.  He was 5 years old. 

But, this was Serbia.  It’s a place that knows more about war, then Wimbledon.  

But, he dreamed about Wimbledon.  He took a little improvised trophy made of plastic and practiced saying in English  "Hello. My name is Novak Djokovic. And I'm a Wimbledon winner."

Now he really can say that.  When he won it last summer his whole country celebrated a little boy that dared to dream in a place that was full of nightmares.

So, I might start watching Tennis now.  This guy makes it look fun.

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3/26/2012 7:36:58 PM
Brad Perkins United States
Brad Perkins
I am really glad Amanda that you have respect for the game of tennis and a true champion in Novak.  You are exactly right that he is a humble tremendous human being that grew up in very difficult conditions and circumstances.  I also want to comment on Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal too.  I have never seen so many champions in the same era that show pose, sportsmanship and a respect for the game and most importantly each other.  Never will you see this in any other professional sport.  You don't hear terrible rumors about these guys.  In addition Wimbledon truly brought out the best in these guys.  Novak having one his first Wimbledon last year was incredible.  Rafa Nadal had one of the most memorable matches in tennis history with Roger winning his first Wimbledon.  Finally Roger dominated this tournament and tied the record for the most consecutive championships 5 with the legendary Bjorn Borg.  Let's see what Novak can do in the future.  He certainly is very special and has the potential to break many records like Rafa and Roger.
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