May 08 2012

Mother's Day

Maybe you’re shopping for just the right cardreading them all in the aisle at the grocery storelove that feeling when you find the PERFECT ONEgetting ready for Mother’s Day this weekend

As a single mom, I admit Mother’s Daykind of feels empty, like a non-event without someone there to celebrate with.  But, my mom is still alive so I still have her to celebrate.  I’d really like to do something special for her.  She’s my rock. 

Love to know maybe what you’re doing for your mom or something you’ve received that you really appreciated and loved. 

I saw this cool thing that Cure International is doing.  Mom's helping other mom's in need. Maybe if your mom has just about everything, you could help another mom in need.  Here's one idea:

Call me 800-900-1300 or let me know on Facebook.

Maybe a gift you’ve always wanted, but never got.

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5/8/2012 6:44:48 PM
nancy United States
Hi Amanda, I just wanted to share what my children and grandchildren did for me that was such a special gift. I am in my 60's and they wrote memories on slips of paper and placed them in a ceramic gift box for me to read when I needed a smile. Some examples: 1. 5yo grandson wrote he liked when I walked to the pond with him and skipped stones. 2. my 4yo grandson said he liked to play "tickle finger" 3. The 8yo grandson liked when I took a hike in the woods with him alone and packed a lunch to eat 4. My son said He remembers me patiently driving while he blared "Stryper" on the radio. 5. My daughter said she remembers me keeping our tradition of lunch and shopping on her birthday even in a snow storm when we were with only a handful of shoppers in the mall. 6, Another grandaughter said she loved when I made her stuffed animals talk to her.  These are things I never really thought about when they occured but now I know how much they meant to the kids and it really does bring a smile to my face. There were many other things written I totally forgotten. Wow! What a special gift that keeps on giving each time I pick one from the box to read.
5/9/2012 9:43:56 AM
Janell United States
Both my husbands mom and my mom will be getting CD's with pictures of our kids on them.  I do this throughout the year.  So around Christmas it is their Christmas gift.  It is a way for them to watch the kids grow up since we are so far away.
5/9/2012 10:10:12 AM
Tiffany Young United States
Tiffany Young
Last year was the best Mother's Day I could ever ask for.  It wasn't the beautiful Mother's Ring with each of my two children's birth stone from my husband, but the amazing gift from my 6yr old son.  He told my husband he wanted to buy mommy a cleaning robot because he knows I don't like to clean.  Since Roombas and other "cleaning robots" are so expensive my husband said they could make one.  So he asked my son to draw of a design.  then they spent a couple of night out in the garage working on a secret project.  On Mother's Day morning the rolled in my "Cleaning Robot"  They attached a wire body to my son's tonka truck then attached a dust pan and broom to her hands.  They even gave her a face and hair.  That morning my son pushed her around sweeping our floors.  It was the most sweet and thoughtful gift I've ever received.  I wish I could attach a picture of it for you to see.  maybe I'll find you on facebook and send it to you!
5/9/2012 1:08:05 PM
Sherry Gutierez United States
Sherry Gutierez
Hi Amanda,
I heard you on the radio yesterday speaking of Mother's Day.  I, too, am very fortunate to still have my mother living.  My father passed away nearly a year ago (May 28, 2011), and I know this Mother's Day will be particularly difficult for my mom without my dad.  

I thought about your question, what could I do for my mom to show my love for her.  I am taking on-line courses, and as luck would have it, in my philosophy class, we had to write about the difference between empirical knowledge and priori knowledge or reason, demonstrating the differences between the two by writing about a relationship of someone that loves you. I chose my mom.  I just received my grade and I earned an 'A'!  I am printing off my paper and sending it to her, because it shows my love for her and how she has shown her love for me throughout the years.  Most mothers want to know that their love has made a difference and just want to be loved back!  

Here is an excerpt of my professor's comments:  "The paper demonstrated a high level of self-reflection and understanding of both empirical knowledge and logical reasoning.  What I liked most about your project was the use of such detail to support and enchance the narrative.  Truly, an excellent paper honoring your mother."  

I am not tooting my own horn by sharing the above comments, but merely showing how we can honor our mother and take the time to tell her, "I LOVE YOU, MOM!"

Amanda, I would to share my paper with you, if you will let me know your e-mail address, I can send it to you for you to look at if you have time.  

Blessings to you as you celebrate Mother's Day!  YOU are a blessing to many, believe me, Amanda!
5/10/2012 7:18:30 AM
Shawn United States
Thanks for this great idea.  I recently needed to support my mom at the hospital.  My dad had emergency heart surgery.  Being there for her was a great help to her.  I feel this will be a perfect gift to her knowing that another mother will be supported in her time of need.  Thanks again for sharing this charity's Mothers Day opportunity.
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