May 18 2012

Old Journal

If you keep a journal, writing events in your life down or maybe a notebook of the things or people you’re praying for… 

The cool thing about that is, when look back at them, and read all you’ve been through and how far you come.  You see how many prayers have been answered without you really realizing it.  All of sudden what you’re going through now seems like not that big of a deal, and it’s very evident that if God handled the past, He can handle your future too.

I had one of those moments yesterday.  It was my daughter, Emily’s, first School Open House.   She’s in kindergarten.  After I picked up 10 pounds of artwork, we went out to the playground and I chatted and laughed with the other moms and watched her play with all her friends.  Went out for ice cream afterwards.   So happy.  That’s all I need in life…

It hit me, that this big radical adventure that my children and I went on almost a year ago now…starting over in life, as a single parent, and moving across the country so I could be here with you…God has provided a beautiful life for us after all. 

I cried out and begged Him for it…and he answered yes.  He took the ashes and turned it into beauty

 The only thing about those old journals though, I’ve instructed my sister if anything happens to me, BURN ‘EM.

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5/18/2012 10:11:41 AM
Amanda Jasek United States
Amanda Jasek
Thanks for being so open, honest and real about your life, struggles, pain and happiness. I too went through a life change with divorce and single parenthood.  I am now re-married with 2 "Children in love" and looking back, God is amazing.  I didn't see it coming but looking back now I see how it happened.  That is how I know God is real and He is moving in my life.
God Bless you Amanda and keep plugging along girl!
5/18/2012 4:28:08 PM
Steve Gressmire United States
Steve Gressmire
Thanks for sharing, you have become my newest hero. My orininal is over 2000 years old!!!

God Bless...
5/21/2012 9:26:29 AM
Melissa Fritsche United States
Melissa Fritsche
Hey Amanda,

I've been listening online today... great to hear your voice.  I am not on Facebook any more so I don't get to 'keep up' with you and your sunshines. Just know when you come to mind a prayer is lifted up for you guys.  

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