May 22 2012

1,650 Walks with Dad

Too often, you hear about when Dad’s drop the ball.  I saw a story about a Dad doing a great job, that I had to share with you. 

He understands the value of time.

He got this idea, instead of rushing through the car pool line every morning he would take his daughter, Laura’s, hand, on the first day of Kindergarten, and walked her to school. 

They walked seven blocks, past a nature preserve, and over a drawbridge.  He tells her stories, and they play little games on the way.

It’s become such a tradition now that even some of Laura’s friends join them on their adventures. 

It’s been an unbroken tradition for ten years.  Last Friday was the 1,650th walk to school.    She graduated.

Way to go Dad.

By the way, her Dad, best selling author Frank McKinney. 

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