May 30 2012

Survive to Five

The thing about having kids, you end up spending a lot of time at the doctor’s office.

Between regular checkups, and whatever virus is going around in school, it feels like we are there at least once a month.

Watching the news last night gave me perspective on all those doctor visits.  It made me thankful for the opportunity to go.

There’s a new hunger crisis brewing in West Africa.  It stretches across 8 nations, because of a drought and war.  Children are starving.  It seemed pretty hopeless last night on the news, but you can do something about it. 

There’s this thing that K-LOVE is involved in called Survive to Five with Word Vision.  You might have seen the K-LOVE logo with it on racing cars, it’s part of the effort to raise awareness for these children living in extreme poverty around the world. 

Most won’t survive to 5 years old.

That’s where you come and can sponsor thempay for clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, and an education, so they can literally survive to five years old.

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