Jun 01 2012

No Limits

If you’ve ever thought that mistakes you’ve made or your situation in life limits you.   This story might help you think differently. 

I heard someone once say that "limitations only exist in your mind." 

Found proof that it’s true in this video.  

It’s of an Elementary School Field Day on the last day of school.  All the 5th graders ran a 400 meter race. 

One of the 5th grader, Matt, has a debilitating condition, spastic cerebral palsy.

Watch Matt refuse to be beaten by his so-called limitations.

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6/2/2012 9:33:16 AM
Buppy United States
How can anyone not cry when they watch that video! Its nice to know that kids are able to do stuff like that and they are doing all the time every where.
Thanks for Posting that video!
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