Jun 05 2012

The List

If you’ve ever doubted whether or not God can really help you out of a


Wondering if he really does answer prayers…or even listen.

I was faced with my own doubt…and fear …over the weekend at church

when my pastor said, “Believe that God will do what He says can do”

I realized…I know what the bible says he can do…he can heal, he can

provide, but I don’t really walk around believing that can happen to

me all the time.

Even though it already has.

If you look back at your life, you can find how God has given you many

reasons why you can believe that he’s real and trust him.

Maybe you could write a little list.  A time he answered your prayer,

someone you know that he healed, a time He provided what you needed to

pay the bills, or a friend at the right time.  Put it on your fridge

or on your bathroom mirror as a reminder that if God provided then, he

can provide for you today too.

Tell me what’s on your list…you can call at 800-900-1300 or if you’re

on Facebook share it on my page.

The list…is proof that God really can do what the bible says He can do.

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Comments (3) -

6/5/2012 10:05:01 AM
tammy mendoza United States
tammy mendoza
I do belive that god does heal and help us each day out of our days .there are days that when I can't find myself I know that there is a man up above that is going to get me through every stive I have gone through.times that I've gone through of just wanting to give up but my father keeps me going..
6/5/2012 10:09:01 AM
Ana Carolina F. de Vasconcelos Brazil
Ana Carolina F. de Vasconcelos
Dear Amanda,
I feel in this way right now in my life. I pray and nothing has happened in my life... it seems that God is not listening my prayers and I don't have any direction from Him. I have kept my faith in Him, but it is really hard don't listen his voice or direction in my life. I faced many trials in my life, but in all them I knew what God wanted I should do. So, all the difficulties I faced became small because I knew God had talked to me through my spirit. But now, I mean, since last December (when I lost my job and I had to come back to my Dad's home after 9 years living by myself), I have no idea what God has planned to me. This morning I was praying and reading the Bible when once more I put my life before God asking him to show me any sign that He is hearing me, seeing me... my tears cannot stop falling from my eyes and sometimes I blame myself for crying... it seems I have no faith in God.
Thanks for sharing your feelings with us!
God bless you!
6/5/2012 10:27:32 AM
Micah United States
This is so true. As lame as the cliche is"hind sight is 20/20", it is true. Keeping a log of great things in life is only further proof. God is amazing. Dont ever close your eyes or ears, he speaks in many ways. Loosen your head and realize that God doesnt think like us and you will see his love for you.
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