Jun 06 2012

You are Redeemed

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling good enough for God to love you,

you will find encouragement in the new song from Big Daddy Weave,

called “Redeemed”.

The band was visiting K-LOVE the other day, and just in passing I

asked the lead singer of the band, Mike Weaver, to tell me about his

new song.  I realized quickly by his strong reaction that this song

was more than a catchy tune for a CD.  It’s personal.

He said, he’s always struggled with self worth.  It’s a song about

what God does with your imprefections, your mistakes, your past.  You

are Redeemed.

The definition of Redeemed :  

"to buy back

to free from captivity by payment of ransom

to release from blame or debt

to free from distresses or harms

to free from the consequences of sin

to change for the better."

That’s what Jesus will do for you when you believe.

So as Mike Weaver sings in “Redeemed”.

“Stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.” 

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Comments (3) -

6/7/2012 10:52:23 AM
kevin bettencourt United States
kevin bettencourt
Yepyep amenits not hard to forget when go threw changes in our lives thankyou for reminding ...
6/8/2012 9:35:09 AM
Scott Bollé United States
Scott Bollé
  This is Scott Bollé again,I appoligize for asking you out to get some food, I guess that was out of line. I am embarrassed that I did and wish you well in your walk and I will continue my walk with someone else. I just want you to know that I'm not crushed and you are still awsome to me and alot of others I'm sure.
          Scott Bollé
6/8/2012 11:15:18 AM
weezy8150 United States
Amanda....I missed the name of the Seattle Seahawk you mentioned today at 2 pm....who got his second chance....if someone could email it to me ...thanks so much !
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