Jun 11 2012

You Matter

If you remember your graduation speech…I’m impressed.  I don’t
remember who spoke or what was said at my graduation, but these grads

This speech could go down in the record books as one of the worst or
best speeches of the year, depending on your take on it.

A high school English teacher in Boston told his students at
graduation, “You’re not special.”  Not exactly the encouragement that
you would expect at your high school graduation.

He went on to say, “You've been pampered, doted upon, helmeted, bubble
wrapped ... and fawned over and called sweetie pie." And explained
"You see, if everyone is special, then no one is. If everyone gets a
trophy, trophies become meaningless.”

Okay so I see his point, but I beg to differ.   I mean without
sounding too cheesy.  God created each of us in a unique way to be
special…there’s no other you.  There’s no one else who has been
through exactly what you’ve been through…There’s no one else that has
lived to tell your story.

The teacher had a good point in the end.  He said, "The fulfilling
life, the distinctive life, the relevant life is an achievement,"

Okay I get it now.  Maybe that achievement isn’t always in the right
college, the right job, the right spouse, then the right house in the
right neighborhood.

Maybe the achievement is taking what’s special about your life, what
you’ve been through that maybe wasn’t perfect, and understanding that
to God, you still matter.  You’re still loved.

If you’re an example of that to others.  If you can be someone who
others look at and think,  “wow if that person who believes in God got
through that…then maybe I can believe too.”

That’s relevant.  That’s an achievement.

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6/13/2012 8:06:39 AM
kevin United States
I agree with you we arent a troffie on a shelf or a place on a wall God takes more care thought and time to not just allow life to be but in a very special way create us  in my book thats special
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