Jun 14 2012


Lincoln Brewster song,  “God You Reign” is a comforting reminder of

how you can have confidence that God will do the things the Bible says

He can do.

They lyrics in that song say:

"You paint the night

You count the stars.

You part the seas

You move the mountains."

It reminds me not to worry so much.

If you’ve ever been separated from a loved one for a long period of

time, you might do this too, worry.  I  deal with worry about my kids

when I’m not with them.

But that song, reminds me that if he can teach the sun when to bring a

new day, that he can take care of you and your loved ones too.  You

are protected.

“My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust. –Psalm 91:2

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6/14/2012 11:41:21 AM
kevin United States
Yes conquer witch is surpriseing in a way that allows my spelling of such a word to agree  Not one dought Will ever hold power over gods promises and blessed are millions to be reminded by such a song  ..im countexd as well thank you jesus for there love for you and others
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