Jun 18 2012

Where You Run

We’re playing a new song from Kari Jobe called “Steady My Heart”.

It makes you think about where or who you run to when things aren’t going the way you planned.

They lyrics say:

"Even when it hurts

Even when it's hard

Even when it all just falls apart

I will run to You

‘Cause I know that You are

Lover of my soul, Healer of my scars,

You steady my heart,

I'm not gonna worry

I know that You've got me

Right inside the palm of Your hand"

I rented this movie over the weekendit’s a grown up onecalled “The Way”.  When the son was explaining to his father why he wasn’t going to finish college and instead travel around the word, he said, “You don’t choose a lifeyou live one.”

So trueplus I don’t know about you, but I’ve found, if you try to choose a way a life for yourself, it usually doesn’t happen that way. And then you have to figure out what you’re going to do when life doesn’t go the way you planned.

There are all kinds of options in this world that you can run to if or when that happens.  The biggest section in the bookstore, "Self Help."

There is a book to help you through just about any situation you’re going through.  From Parenting help, to marriage, to finding yourself. There’s a guru for just about everything.  Some are great, some are distractions, from the real thing.

You could save a lot of money, and just buy one book.  It’s the only thing that helped me when my life was falling apart, called the Bible.

I camped out on this verse for about a year…

for those who grieve He will bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” (Isaiah 61:3)

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Comments (6) -

6/18/2012 10:41:25 AM
Dorothy United States
Love the song. Life so doesn't go as I've planned. Too many monkey wrenches messing up things along the way.
6/18/2012 11:21:25 AM
Jennifer Harman United States
Jennifer Harman
Thank you for this post today. I needed to hear this. God speaking through you to my heart, reminding me of all His promises. Isaiah 61 has been one of my life verses for the past year as well. Thank you. Be blessed.
6/18/2012 2:19:21 PM
Alejandra Mendez Guatemala
Alejandra Mendez
Love this song.... the Lyric is awesome... touched my heart! Laughing
6/18/2012 6:52:49 PM
Kayla United States
Thanks for this post, I need this encouragement.  Such great reminders Smile
6/19/2012 1:31:27 PM
Guillermo M. United States
Guillermo M.
Thank you.  I have always said that  those who are constantly seeking for His guidance will hear from Him in many ways, many times in the least expected.  Today He spoke to me through you.  God bless you.
6/19/2012 10:35:37 PM
Ingrid Garcia United States
Ingrid Garcia
Beautiful song!...all of her songs u can feel the holy spirit speaking through her great voice that God has blessed her with😊
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