Jun 19 2012

It's Okay Not To Be Perfect

You know when you see one of those studies or survey’s that seems so

obvious you wonder why they had to spend the money to find that

answer…when you already know it’s true.

Saw this thing on the news last night about stress…it’s obvious we have a lot of it.


This one said, in America, over the past 30 years, your stress level

has gone up by 30%.

Feeling it the most:  Women, young people, and low income families.

Yeah, I get it.  I wish I had the magic formula to tell you how to fix

it.  Over the past couple years I’ve had to simplify my life to deal

with it.  Less activities, smaller house, realizing it’s okay not to

be perfect.

I don’t know about how you deal with it, Maybe you’ve found the secret.

I stress and worry when I start to doubt.  Will God provide for me and

my kids, will I find someone to love us…our whole crazy package?

That’s why I love being here with you.  For 4 hours a day I get to be

surrounded by positive music and encouragement that reminds me that yes…God can

do the things the bible says He can do.

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6/19/2012 10:17:31 AM
Deb United States
on the topic of destressing, decluttering your life ... here's a great website I found years ago... Flylady.net

FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself.  Marla found a system that worked for her ... 15 minute missions every day, "zone" cleaning & decluttering.. check it out!  She's got missions for the kids too.  She graciously shares tips and tricks for keeping your life on track ... you'll feel the "God Breeze" over time.

God Bless!
6/19/2012 11:49:40 AM
Temujin Hu United States
Temujin Hu
I've felt the stress heavily over the past twelve years of my life, but what I fall back on is the Word, how I know that it is all true, and how I can look back and see that God always provided for me even when things seemed awful.

I, also, have found it helpful to be satisfied with less. I've seen many others (overseas as well as down the street) who are happy with much less, so I know it's possible!

Lately, when I feel the pressure and doubt and worry, I go on walks, listen to positive Christian music, and review Bible verses. And God meets me there and encourages me, every time. The more hardship I get through, the more trouble I find I can take simply by focusing on the truths of the Word.

I hope everyone else can look back and see how God was with them through their hard times.

Thanks for all the encouraging words and music! I appreciate K-LOVE's ministry.

Be blessed
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