Jun 25 2012

Nothing To Fear

If you’ve ever faced a crisis in life, and survived through it because you ran to God, it somehow makes the unknown of your future easier to handle.

Talking to K-LOVE listener, Susan, today.  She faced something like that.  She said, “when God’s gone with you through tragedy…you know He’ll go through anything with you.

She responded to this story (Melissa Reid wins in first start since her mother’s tragic death. YAHOO! SPORTS) I shared about Professional Golfer, Melissa Read.  She’s a phenom at just 24 years old, but then she was struck with a tragedy.  Four weeks ago, her mom died in a car accident.

This weekend she was already back to competition, and she won!

She said, “To be honest I wasn't that nervous. I think with something like what's happened to my family and me the last four weeks nothing really seems that difficult anymore.”

Susan said, that’s what feels like when God gets you through the unimaginable, like she has.

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