Jul 02 2012

Family Vacation

When you go on vacation you have fun, but the things you remember always seem to be the things that went wrong.  My kids will never forget this one.

Last week, I got to represent K-LOVE at KingsFest, a Christian Music Festival in Virginia at Kings Dominion amusement park.  I had a chance to meet many of you, and also had my kids with me.

But, there was one day, that did not go as planned.

Saturday morning we woke up to storm damage.  It’s the reason why millions in the east coast are without power right now. The big K-LOVE tent was damaged and everything in it soaked.  The plan was to spend the day meeting you at the tent, but it became a salvage operation.

We were in clean up mode at 6:30 in the morning.

So to save the day, I decided to hit the park with the kids and ride some roller coasters.  At about 7pm kids were in line for the last ride, after that we had plans to go see Toby Mac perform on stage.  I was excited because I got the honor of representing K-LOVE and introducing him to the crowd.

But, the clouds got dark, I spotted lightening, and I went into Mama Bear mode.

I yelled, “kids there’s a bad storm coming get out of this line now!!!”   There was no arguing with that tone of voice.  I crammed all 3 into the stroller and ran toward the stage, because I had this pass that would let us backstage, where I knew we could be covered and out of the storm.

Everyone else (6,000 people) went running away from the stage, but me and my stroller were running towards it.  We were like salmon swimming upstream.

It was like something out of that movie Twister.  Leaves were flying, and trash randomly swept up out of the trash cans.

We finally get backstage, which is like this basement literally under where the artists perform outdoors, and whoosh the rain hits.

So here we are, my 3 little kids, my stroller, and rock stars.  The basement was full of musicians, guitar players, roadies, and my rambunctious brood.  In a way it worked.

So then Toby Mac comes down to wait out the storm too.  He had to cancel his performance. I tried to play it cool and not be a fan and chat it up with him.  I introduced him to my kids, and my 6 year old,

Emily says, “Mommy who’s Toby Mac?”

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7/2/2012 1:15:47 PM
Alan MacDonald United States
Alan MacDonald
Amanda!  Loved this story even though it causes me to miss you even more here at Fairfax Community Church!  Close as King's Dominion!  We had to cancel three of the four weekend services due to no power.  You need to come back for a visit one of these days!  The kids are getting big! Blessings my friend and encourager.
7/4/2012 9:17:02 AM
jas United States
Amanda...wow this brings back memories from the 80's!!  I use to frequent 'Creation' summer fest in PA. And 1 year...the weather was crazy...I was there with my church and it was the kind of 4-day fest where the storms would roll in / out and the the sun would come out in full force! This one particular time that weekend we were at the main stage, enjoying Twila or Michael W. Smith...cannot recall but for some reason I happened to glance up at the brightly sun scorched sky and in the distance just over the mountain I could see the storm clouds making their move. Ironically my pastor at the time saw the same sight and though we were not at the same place in the main arena we both ran back to the camp site, reaching at the same time. Minutes later the sky was dark, the wind whipped up, torrential rain swept in so quick, many people lost tents, personal belongings...it was a flash flood! We actually had to hunker down in our cars...in less than 15 mins it was over!! Something you just never forget!! Kudos to you for following your mama-bear instincts and getting your family to a safe haven!!
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