Jul 06 2012

Best Things About Being...

You probably know someone like this, no matter what their circumstances are, they seem to find the bright side. I like being around those people. They help you feel better about whatever challenges you're dealing with. Found one of those people last night in this video I watched. He’s a film critic.  His name is Tommy Edison, and he’s blind. He made his own film talking about the best things about being blind:

He said…

-he got out of gym in school

-fewer bills, no electric bill (he doesn't need lights)

-no car payment,

-no car insurance

Then he said, "I don’t know race.  I don't know beauty.  I know people from what comes out of their mouth and what's in their heart, it's very cool that way."

Maybe today you could look at whatever situation or challenge your dealing with and come up with a “Best Things About Being _____ ” list too.

I’ll do it with you:  Best thing about being single…More room for shoes in the closet, but most importantly discovering how Jesus can be my everything.  

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7/6/2012 11:04:40 AM
Rick Dermond United States
Rick Dermond

Thank you for being you on KLOVE for all of us.  Your daily struggles are our struggles and you represent Christ in a very positive light.  Don't forget this as you field the calls and get to associate with others that don't know Christ and know Christ alike.

May he fill your spiritual and emotional tank daily.

In Christian support and service,

Rick Dermond
7/6/2012 11:15:53 AM
Spencer United States
Very inspiring and so true...
7/6/2012 12:10:18 PM
Christina United States
Thank you for sharing this about the blind man.  How encouraging. I lost my hearing at 15, and had a hard time living life on life’s terms, and accepting the path God had chosen for me to take.  I fought it until I had become completely, utterly hopeless and made a greater mess of my life than just losing my hearing. With God's grace, He turned the mess into a message; and I saw benefits of having lost my hearing 11 years ago.. For one, I can relate to my elders more easily, an instant commonality despite the large generational gap... If my niece is crying inconsolably, I can just turn her off... Best of all, I get can have an 'off button' to the sounds of the world and enjoy quiet time with Jesus. It truly is amazing how God can change such a negative perspective into a positive experience- and maybe one day I'll be able to help another who has gone through a similar experience.  Thank you again. May God continue to bless you and your family!
7/6/2012 8:38:55 PM
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7/7/2012 12:32:00 PM
Barbara Bye United States
Barbara Bye
My daughter, Maggie was one who always found the blessing in every situation!!! When her father & I moved her here to Milwaukee when she was a freshman in high school, she said it was a chance for her to make new friends! When she needed to walk with a cane becuz she lost the function of her left leg, she rhinestoned her cane!! When she eventually lost the ability to walk, she began "shopping" from her wheelchair!!!
She faced each day with grace!!!! In the end, she lost her life to brain cancer....but she never, ever lost her faith,  her determination or her zeal for life!!!!!  
Her faithful compassion for life continues to be the spark that ignites the fire in the hearts of all who knew her!!!!
Visit Maggie's Angels on Facebook @ Maggiespinkangels.com
"Let ur lite shine!!!!!!"
Barbara Bye
7/12/2012 7:00:34 AM
Lori United States
Another good thing about being single is I can use both closets in my room. The ones that are supposed to be his and hers is actually hot weather and cold weather closets, no need to pack things away for the different seasons. Also soul possession of the remote control is nice. hehehehehe
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