Jul 10 2012

Well Done

You’ve been hearing a new song on K-LOVE from Moriah Peters called “Well Done”.

It reminds me of the verse in the bible, "The master said, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant.” –Matthew 25:23

I don’t know about you, but that always gives me chills when I hear the possibility that someday, God will say to you and I, “Well Done”. Even if no one else notices how hard your working, how diligent you are, God does.

For example, take the job of parenting.  It feels like such a giant responsibility, but  eventually you have to let go, and hope your children make good decisions. But, what happens when they choose a different path?

Maybe you can remember a time when you decided to believe differently than your parents, or maybe you have a child going doing that to you right now.

I admit that scares me.  I’m a rookie when it comes to that.  I have three children, under 6, so most of my time is trying to put in all the good stuff about God, so it’s there when they need it.

I saw this movie over the weekend, about this young woman who grew up a pastor’s kid.  She even sang some Christian music for a while, but then turned away and made her own path that made her famous, but did some stuff her parents weren’t exactly okay with, still is.

But, what got me about their reaction is, it reminded of the character of God.

They didn’t disown her, or really outwardly judge her.  They love her.

When she faced crisis, they were there to help.

Well done.

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