Jul 30 2012

Jordyn Wieber's Comeback Story, Coming Soon!

Jordyn Wieber, Olympic Gymnast

The thing about kids, you know they are going to fall sometimes, and it’s heartbreaking to let it happen.

The only thing that makes it bearable, as the parent or friend, is to be there to hug them, and encourage them to get back up.

I really felt for American Gymnast, Jordyn Wieber, and her mom last night.  When she fell short of her lifelong goal to compete in the Olympic All Around competition, she was crying and her mom couldn’t get to her.

Security is tight during the Olympics, and it's next to impossible for parents to get down to their athletes right after the competition.

Jordan’s mom couldn't immediately hug her crying daughter, so she sent her a hug in the best way she knew how, through this Tweet:

"One wish right now would be to give my amazing daughter #jordyn_wieber a huge hug.So proud of her.She is all class!!!"

Love it.  Mothers always know when their babies need a hug.

Stay strong Jordyn!   It seems like those that make the most impact have comeback stories.  It's time to start working on yours girl!

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