Jul 31 2012

The Voice

If you’ve ever heard everyone talking about this book that you have to read, so you pick one or download it, and you don’t get what all the fuss is about.  Wondering if there’s just a movie you can watch instead.  Cliff note version.

That happens with the bible sometimes.  There are certain parts of the Bible difficult to read and hard to understand, but there’s this new book that wants to help.

It’s called The Voice.  It turns the bible stories into a screenplay.

It reads like a novel.  The guy that put it together hopes it will help people fall in love with the story of the bible.

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8/2/2012 8:19:18 AM
sandy Brown United States
sandy Brown

Hi There,
I have a song in my head. That I have heard dozens of times but i can't tell you the title or the artist but a phrase in the song is all i have.  It might not be compltetely right but i think it says  ....almost like a hallelulia... Sorry thats all i know and its a popular female artist.  I know she has done a lot of great songs   I appreciate your help
God Bless You
Sany Brown
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