Aug 04 2012

Racing to Save Lives

Help a child Survive to Five

K-LOVE is racing to save the lives of kids, and wondering if you’ll join us.

That’s why you’ve been seeing the K-LOVE logo on the racing scene. K-LOVE has teamed up with NASCAR driver Michael McDowell and NHRA driver Tony Pedregon to raise awareness for children in extreme poverty.

Because like in racing, in their lives every second counts.

There are millions of kids that don’t survive to five years of age because of malnutrition, malaria, and other preventable diseases. Stuff your kids get vaccinated for for a $30 copay.

We’ve partnerened together with World Vision’s Survive to Five campaign to help change that.

And as a way of saying “thanks” you can enter to win for a VIP weekend at the US Nationals in Indianapolis for the NHRA, The National Hot Rod Association! Learn more and enter online!

Sponsor a child today

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8/5/2012 6:59:35 PM
Susan United States
Great idea...they need to add Human Trafficing too!
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