Aug 07 2012

Your Legacy

U.S. hurdler Lashinda Demus with her family

The thing about kids.  If you have something specific you want them to do, they have to see you do it too.

I love the song, "Live Like That," from Sidewalk Prophets about leaving behind a legacy of love for your children and grandchildren to continue. The lyrics say,

I want to live like that

And give it all I have

So that everything I say and do

Points to You

I was struck with what that legacy is when I heard U.S. hurdler Lashinda Demus talk about her legacy as a mother, yesterday after winning her heat in the Olympics and advancing to the finals, with her twin 5 year old boys cheering her on in the stands.

She said,  "It's great, I just kind of run because I don't want to let them down.  Even if they don't know now right now, they'll know in the future.  I'm running for the legacy of my family."

What's the legacy you want to leave?

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