Aug 08 2012

Get Back Up

Sometimes it’s not winning, but losing that defines your true character.

If you’ve been following the Olympics you might have seen or heard about what happened to Liu Xiang the hurdler from China yesterday.

He was supposed to win the gold medal, took off fast, and then at the first hurdle, he fell.  It was obvious he was hurt.

He hobbled around to the side out of the way of other competitors,  and started hopping on one foot down the track, stopped, kissed the last hurdle, and limped across the finish line in last.  Then a competitor from Hungary took his arm and raised it up in victory. 

It’s not about how you fall, but you how get back up.

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8/8/2012 5:46:17 PM
*LyndiLou* United States
Wow. That is so humbling. Thank you for sharing!
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