Aug 09 2012

Don't Give Up

You’ve been hearing a new song on K-LOVE.  It’s called “Don’t Give Up” by Calling Glory.  It’s a simple message that I hear is having a big impact on you.

I got to talk to K-LOVE listener, Rebecca, today about how it came at just the right time for her.

She said her family is going through some tough times.  She didn’t give details, I don’t know about you, but I can understand what she’s talking about.

She said, “We’re at the point where we want to throw our hands up, the part of the song that says, ‘surely help is on the way’, we keep saying that back and forth to each other.”

This time your heart said its had enough
Sick and tired of everything that's so messed up
You don't wanna move on just playing games
Praying hard somehow your life will change
When you feel like you don't know what to do
Stuck inside this maze you can't go through
Don't give up
and help is surely on its way
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Don’t give up hope.  Don’t give up praying.  Don’t give up on God.  He hasn’t given up on you.  Surely help is on the way.

Landon gets that.  Here’s a video he made about his story and this song.

What’s yours?  What is that you won’t give up on?

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8/9/2012 11:43:01 AM
Jamie United States
Wow, what a powerful testimony. I love how God uses music to minister in lives.

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